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Green Supreme Premium Pellet Fuel is all about quality! We strive for a consistent, high quality product that meets or exceeds the Pellet Fuels Institute's premium grade specifications.

To ensure that you are optimizing the performance of your pellet stove, here are a few helpful tips:

Keep your stove and chimney/vent clean to maximize efficiencies and minimize problems. A dirty stove can prevent you from obtaining optimal performance from your pellets.

  • We recommend a complete, professional cleaning of your stove at least once a year.
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Store your pellets in a cool, dry place. They have an indefinite shelf life if stored properly.

  • Keep them indoors or covered with an extra tarpaulin if exposed to the elements.
  • Individual pellet bags are not waterproof. Pellets will break down when wet!
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Hardwood or Softwood?

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