Heating with wood pellet fuel offers many advantages over heating with more conventional fossil heating fuels:

Reduces your dependence on non-renewable fossil fuels

1 Ton of Green Supreme Premium Wood Pellets is generally equivalent to:

  • 120 gallons #2 heating oil
  • 170 gallons propane
  • 16,000 cubic feet of natural gas
  • 1.5 cords of wood

To see a fuel cost comparison, click here!

Green Supreme pellets are made from clean, locally harvested wood residues

  • No additives or fillers
  • A renewable low carbon energy source when derived from sustainable sources
  • Put your fuel dollars to work locally

Wood Pellets are designed to burn cleanly and efficiently in appropriate appliances

  • Pellet stoves are designed to burn at almost complete combustion, with virtually no creosote
  • Easy installation and minimal clearances
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